Ukraine begins wide sale of prisons

Ukraine begins wide sale of prisons

Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska announced large-scale sale of Ukrainian prisons.

According to minister it is about sale of unused property of Penitentiary system. Realization would be held through e-auction. 

“We will start the sale of estate which is on the balance of penitentiary system. We are talking about penitentiary institutions, pre-trial detention centers, correctional centers. Some part of prisons are frozen during long time that is to say these are not used. Nevertheless we spent money to both service and guard such building. Generally we’ve got 27 such objects around Ukraine. Each of these is not only potential sale-object but also and object of interest for investors”, - Denis Malyuska said.

Minister has mentioned that optimization process would be organized in two levels.

“The decrease number of prisons doesn’t mean decrease number of prisoners. It doesn’t also means that we are going to free them. We are just talking about of excess of property. And our first step is to sell such estate. The second part of optimization is definition of areas we are going to occupy with new prisons. Such would be built instead of objects situated in cities’ centres”, - he said.

Denis Malyuska ads that new prisons and remand prisons will be built using money got after selling of excess penitentiary property. The rest of the money will be sent to the state budget.