Ukrainian president Zelenskiy has over 50% of electoral anti-rating

Ukrainian president Zelenskiy has over 50% of electoral anti-rating

A number of sociological services such as “Rating”, “Centre by Razumkov” and “Socis” have presented their investigations about electoral preferences of ukrainians.

According to research, over 50% of ukrainians have no trust to current president Vladimir Zelenskiy.

“According to survey data support level of central authority rashly decreases. Dissatisfaction with vector of State’s development grows. So we’ve got 68% in July comparently with 61% in June. This brightly  displays at the electoral support”, - says candidate of sociological sciences, sociologist Oksana Zubareva.

Basing on research, rating of pro-governmental  party has significantly declined. Nowadays it is 28% comperantly with   43,16% at the last parliamentary elections. Presidential anti-rating is 53%.Prime-minister’s anti-rating is about 62%.

Parallely according to sociologist local parties and leaders have high rating and support of the population.

“We have a number of reasons to suppose that coming local elections would be passed in another script compare with last Parliamentary elections. Nowadays sociological research demonstrate that over 50% of population are ready to vote for local parties. It is connected with high results of mayors”, - Oksana Zubareva added.