Coronavirus in Ukraine: line ministry expects 5000 infected per day

Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksim Stepanov forecasts that the level of morbidity with COVID-19 will reach 5000 infected per day this week. Such a rate was announced on October, 5th while briefing.

Coronavirus in Ukraine: line ministry expects 5000 infected per day

He stresses that most places allocated for treatment of patients with coronavirus have already been put into operation. Minister warns about threat of sanitary regulations ignoring.

“We’d defined 37000 of beds for treatment. Up to the day we have put into operation 30000 of these ones. Other ones are in reserve. If we have 4000 infected per day then the situation is hard but non-critical. But if we will have the same ignorance of rules for sanitary, I predict the rate of 5000 infected per day this week“, - Maksim Stepanov says.

According to the Head physician of Dnipropetrovsk Regional hospital named after Mechnikov Sergey Ryzhenko the number of hospitalized patients is growing. He stresses that patients are often late in seeking care that causes 70-80% of lung damage.

“We have about 40 call during the night. Some people lose consciousness when going to the toilet room at home. It’s of great importance to give them timely assistance. In other cases these people get mechanical ventilation. Sometimes they ask for help too late and then they have about 70-80% of lung damage. It’s a critical condition when a person loses all functions, turns off the brain, enters a coma and cannot be removed”, - he says.

Sergey Ryzhenko adds that there are 88 patients in the COVID-department of the hospital, of which 69 are in the pulmonology department, 5 are in obstetrics, and 14 are in intensive care. Over the past weekend, 6 people died after prolonged ventilation.